Lincoln Diocese - Pics by Ed Malk


2015 Ordinations

2009 2015 2018 11436 11551 71046 71127 71517 71530 71639 71641 110350 120139 120913 20140414 20140504 20141012 20141201 20150330 20150412 20150515 20150516 20150521 20150522 20150523 20150607 20150614 20150815 20150908 20150929 20151011 20151214 20170527 20150523. ordinations 2016 ordinations 2017 ordinations 2018 directory 2018 ordinations 25 years priesthood 2nd aerial alexandra marcotte ann peter miller annointing altar annointing of hands awards beardslee family bishop bruskewitz bishop group bishop ordinandi bishop priests bishop with ordinandi bishops with priests blessing dismissal call of the elect calling of the candidates catholic schools week catholic social services celebration centennial mass chalice consecration chandler hartz check presentations chrism mass cleansing chrism closing rite communion rite concluding rite congratulate ordinandi outside consecration consecration of church consecration to mary seat of wisdom diaconate diaconate ordinations diaconate rehearsal diocese of lincoln diocese of lincoln. candidate election dioceses of lincoln don karen friesen douglas daro dr. courtney miller dr. jonathan marcotte dr. natalie brei dr. peter martin easter vigil election of candidates election of the candidates entrance rite eohs eohsj eucharisitic prayer evan divis family blessing family communion family groups family of 11 family shots final blessing first blessings fr b clark fr b fred fr rooney fr_rooney fraternal kiss of peace from front from pole mount gideon ray gifts gospel grace gokie graduation grant bailey group groups handing on the book of gospels handing over the bread and wine holy hour homily husker nite ian butler img_0001 img_0005 img_0008 img_0011 img_0018 img_0021 img_0025 img_0031 img_0034 img_0037 img_0044 img_0054 img_0055 img_0056 img_0058 img_0059 img_0061 img_0062 img_0070 img_0110 img_0116 img_0129 img_0135 img_0136 img_0143 img_0144 img_0193 img_0196 img_0199 img_0211 img_0214 img_0215 img_0216 img_0217 img_9738 img_9739 img_9740 img_9741 immaculate heart of mary counseling center introductory rite introductory rites investiture with stole and chasuble investiture with stole and dalmatic jeff vance jillian janousek kingdom of happiness dinner kiss of peace knights knights ladies of holy sepulchre jerusalem knights of columbus kofc lamberty laying on bishop hands laying on hands lindsay shaw lintany of supplication litany of saints litany of supplication litany of the supplication liturgy of the eucharist liturgy of the word loma loma centennial maher martha balderas newman center newman center dedication nicolette machado offertory ordiandi blessing bishop ordinandi blessing bishop ordinandi blessing congregation ordinandi final blessing ordinandi retreat ordination ordination rehearsal ordination. aerial ordinations other keywords outside outside celebration panorama parent blessings parents communion pham picture directory prayer hour prayer of consecration prayer of ordination pre ceremony preceremony preparations presentation of gifts presentation of the book gospels priesthood ordinations priesthood rehearsal priests lay on hands priests with bishops procession promise of the elect purchase reception recession recession congratulations recessional register rehearsal retired priest luncheon rosary crusade lincoln shelby ne sign of peace st 1michael st john vianney relic veneration st michael st michael school st michael's st michael. laudato si st michaels st patrick's church st stephen's exeter stewardship event stewardship fair stewardship picnic student body sync sync2 sync3 sync4 sync5 the communion rite treasures of the church veneration of st john vianney relic vesting vesting of new priests youth choir
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